Sanford Florida’s Nature on a Friday

There’s just nothing to complain about when looking for nature around here. In my case it seems to appear before me, it’s just weird, but then again, so am I.
Today I had to pick up work and ran to downtown Sanford around 4:30pm and decided to hoof it over to marina to see what was going on. I could see the storm brewing off to the east moving closer, threatening me and the camera with wetness. I still had to park the truck and take a few pictures and embrace the diversity of clouds and sky. The intensity of blues and grays and the energy all packed like a magnet and one can only watch spellbound as a storm muscles in!  IMG_0401ares

IMG_0449a  IMG_0413ares  As I drove along the marina,  I could see the white thrust of the waves driven by the wind. Though the seawall did keep the water smooth on the opposite side of the wall. I stopped to take a few pics and there was a about a 4 foot, young gator effortlessly drifting with the water current. No legs even moved, it just drifted and a wonderful little blue darter dragonfly came down and sat above the eyebrow as it coasted along on it’s sea-monster taxi.
IMG_0420a  IMG_0426res 

As it floated, the dragonfly hitched a ride.  IMG_0441ares  I enjoyed the beautiful embellishment of the blue against the brown patterned, dimpled reptilian skin, while there was no blink of the eye or acknowledgment of the “little blue itch” standing as some animal tamer. I fully picture it reciting from Alice in Wonderland, ” The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–
And why the sea is boiling hot–
And whether pigs have wings.”
   IMG_0438a1ares  yes, the dragonfly read loudly to the gator despite the growing churn of the water and groan of the storm.
I so enjoy seeing these alligators on their best behavior  as they drift in the marina waters. They turn to look at me and of course, I must snap snap snap!

As I was walking down First Street, I saw an osprey land on top of The Wells Fargo bank building and yet when looking further down, there was a nest built into the “S” on the sign. The nest was quite intricate and had ribbons of plastic and other human ‘things’ woven into a well knitted and lived in bird home. I thought it might belong to a crow, even though I have never ever seen a crow nest.  So why did I think that IMG_0394res  IMG_0397res IMG_0396ar But I do know that wasn’t an osprey nest.

beyond that I came home to watch the clouds come closer, but then drift to the south east and not any rain fell in the neighborhood. The sun came back out in between some thicker clouds and in came a little dove who sat devouring the few warming rays of the late afternoon –  IMG_0477dove1res  what a nice picture thru my window.
When I did venture out to The Artwalk in Sanford, I enjoyed seeing the art at the Historic Welcome Center and running into friends. I told my friend Bill we must have a look across the street  — before the light even changed, a rainbow appeared and of course, Bill had to be patient and wait for me to click away. I even thanked the rainbow  for appearing. And that’s how it seems maybe life is here in Florida, nature comes into our lives so simply as if saying, “let’s share the space and please keep us all safe”.
I came home, threw on pajamas and sat to write my blog, here’s the rub, (literally), a mosquito came and bit me, just that simple, an uninvited nature quest shows up and tries to take advantage of the host, ah not so fast, that’s one example of the most “sucky” of natures’ forms! So wake up tomorrow and open your senses,  hope you enjoy something natural that happens upon your path!  Fine tune your senses and see what you notice, it becomes second nature and that’s a good thing, especially when you are always clutching a camera like me!
And July 1st there’s a  snap a selfie event in Sanford, it begins around midnight,

Cover Photo


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