The 4th Friday Artwalk in Sanford

And so it goes, another month sucked into the blackhole void of time, another month syphoned off as mundane history – how can it be that May 1st is upon us?
The days are wonderful, 80’s and nights are cool with starry skies. Lately the moon is on it’s “off” night schedule conflicting with the day. The sun of course dominates so it’s impossible to see my moon once the sun has fully risen.
I enjoyed spending the other night at the marina, ran into Bill Belleville and his sheltie, Buddy. He told me to look at his latest documentary trailer, so here’s the link — check it out.
Hidden  Secrets of Florida Springs  — very important to look at the health of our water supply. Being this is about our Florida, please watch!
Bill and I watched that big sun drift down into oblivion while chatting away as the night sky changed into pinks before fading out.  DSC09470bres  DSC09453b2res

Tonight was an easy stroll into the small crowds on the street.   Stopped by  The Welcome Center was and saw the latest artwork, it was a nice blend, easy to go through and move on.
My friends, Sean and Nadia Walker are going to move The Vine to another location. they are looking into 3 places. Such a nice, hardworking couple, I wish the best for them as they love living and working in Sanford. Their bar draws it’s own followers who enjoy the karaoke and themes and having a close camaraderie. They wish to have a kitchen as the one now is way too tiny to cook and prep with. I wish them well. I hope the Pub Crawl tonight went well, though I’m not a drinker so I don’t crawl around the pubs.

I did run into many of my art peeps at Jeanine Taylors, Gallery On First. They were having a showing of their artists who have artwork for under $100. There’s lots of fine art to study upon the walls and it was quite a display. I met a new
artist who is fresh and young and has a cool way of expressing herself, yep that’s Carissa Paige, mixed media artist under her unicorn mask:  IMG_1430ares  love her use of bright colors and interesting figures.  It read on her sheet that she has a lot of vintage clothing which she is going to incorporate into more of her art. I say go for it! Any self expression is always exciting for the rest of us to see. She’s a wonderful addition to the Gallery on First.  IMG_1423re  IMG_1426res  I was fascinated by the small Kodak she had on the shelf, IMG_1424bres  what a cool piece of equipment! Check out her artwork, it’s animated.
I ran into Joe Rosier who is a person so spread out I don’t know how he knows where he is at any given time. Joe is everywhere! If there is an art venue he’s “in”. Is he real or one of those shadow people who just pops out from nowhere?  IMG_1418are  That’s Joe on that paper I saw that at “Nifty” something, a resale store, (I forgot the full name of the store.)  Anyway, who do I run into ten minutes later? JOE! There he was at The Gallery.  He’s doing the Fringe Festival with his own show called,  3 Old Farts — R RATED,  Joe is so talented, an amazing actor so there is no doubt he’ll have an exciting stage show.  Google Fringe Festival to see the times and different events throughout the whole festival. There’s a lot to the Fringe, you should go one of the days just to enjoy the diverse talent we have here in Central Florida.  And looking around at the art on the walls at The Gallery On First,  I was in awe!  Ran right into Mary K. and she wasn’t even working, but was still there as part of the admiring crowd,  as was event photographer, G.K. Sharman who is always busy! You have an event, contact her –       And why is it her hair always looks perfect? She has wonderful locks! Mine is subject to boredom and whimsy and I admit taking scissors sometimes and whacking portions off with good intentions, but not always good results.

Inside the inter-sanctum of the gallery were many of my  “artpeeps”  mingling and talking with each other, supporters and visitors. Kevin Abbott walked me over to his wall and OH — it was impressive! He and wife, Debe’s  art is always something to be admired. They are a dynamic team, both creating their own unique art styles and standing there looking, I felt this kinetic power let loose from inside each piece. Kevin’s smaller metal sculptures were strong visuals, he works in a few different mediums.  He had fashioned his own metal frames around these gorgeous pieces which were perfect. Debe’s framing too was the perfect vehicle in light wood and soft fabric to show off her small, but intricately colored and textured works.  Here’s some pics:  IMG_1433tres  IMG_1434res copy   IMG_1437res copy  IMG_1435a copy  IMG_1442res   Debe was not in the room so had to catch up with her later.
And of course, I always smile when greeted by Leon and Tom who are both wonderful and put up with me!  I like peeking into Tom’s art space to see what he has concocted.  Tom’s always got something that
has lots of motion to it.  IMG_1444a copy   IMG_1451res   The work seems like they should be spraying something in all directions!  You almost wait for them to
do something! Tom, you must make a fountain!  He’s one guy full of self propelled joy which seems to be part of his very nature and art. He’s always happy and energetic, full of constantly churning effervescence that makes everyone just adore him.  And Leon is always there somewhere close by  –I’m  loving Leon’s photography interests! Go for it Leon!

Stewart Jones small water colors were very lovely and enjoyed his rooster and one piece that looked like a Van Gogh style. I should have asked Stewart to take pics of his work, but next time I will. His art is always consistently well done.

And then, last but never least is Cherie Dacko whose work is fascinating just like Cherie!  Her mind is full of “Bent Realism” a twist on reality for sure. I love her work! (But I love all my peeps individual styles.) Her  mind is full of details that need to be reality challenged and she does it all too well! Cherie has a huge thought process going on — always enjoy seeing her latest and listening to her words of wisdom!
The work from everyone tonight was quite appealing – Cheri’s faces and figures are always always so exciting, I love the dimension inside her frames, the clothing pops out at you. One has  to smile as you take her “Bent Realism” to heart!  IMG_1446res  IMG_1449a copy
They will be having this exhibit through weekend and then carry it over to The Springhill Suites in Sanford just off I-4 on May 1 from 5-7, call the Gallery on First for further details, 407-323-2774

It was almost 9:30pm when I made my way home, I didn’t visit several of my friends, I must not spend so much time in one place! When I got home, I had made a seafood quiche in the afternoon and it was worth eating late for, though might regret later.  It was a fun night and I always learn so many things from my friends.  It’s great to be in a small nurturing town that loves their artists.  The art festival will be there shortly – GO GO GO, it will be an amazing art show, so many artists with many styles, that first weekend in May plan to get there one day during the weekend.
    Ok, here comes the laugh, I’m heading out to leave and pass The Willowtree and who is there sitting at a table by the sidewalk, Joe Rosier, I swear he’s a phantom!

Good night all! P/S, okay, it’s morning, I’m editing and have eaten more than half that quiche, my arteries are clogging slowly, Sasha is sneezing around me, the sun is blaring it’s hello and looking out the window I see one turtle on the island, I suspect they are all warmed up by now and heading for deeper water. And I bet if I go out and fish, they will eat my bait as always. Now I’m wondering if Joe will show up fishing on the other side of the bank…
to be continued… DSC09630-11res


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  1. I always love reading your colorful blogs – just fun and informative!

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