Eclipse and Tetrads

Are there people today who feel these eclipses are a sign of the apocalypse? (maybe if you owe the IRS a lot you do), otherwise I find it sad that people would shutter and worry so much about a natural occurrence. The moon, my moon that I generously let all of you see, will be having a tetrad, eclipses 3 more times within the next 18months. I hope it’s earlier for others to be able to salivate over like I do.

Many times last night I went outside, clouds were roving fast, very dark clouds in between the white, thick puffs. Even as the moon rose, it took a good 20 minutes to see it and then longer till it breeched the lower haze that was masking it. The camera’s eye was driving me crazy as it burred so much while trying to pinpoint the moon. It was frustrating! When I finally went outside with tripod around 2:45am, I didn’t even noticed the moon was half eclipsed already as the clouds kept hovering over it. The color had not changed though yet, it grew slightly coppery, but added more and more color as the eclipse deepened. At one point a plane went by and I wondered how it would be to take photos from up there!

The mosquitos were tyrannical and kept biting my hands and tried for my face. I kept swatting and focusing. So excuse some of the amateur photos, but I encourage you to see an eclipse if you can,     (watch past the stupid ad and it will show the eclipse)
It’s so awesome to watch such a natural spectacle that anything occupying space in your brain becomes non-existent, well, for me anyway, it’s like that always, especially at night.

Clouds will be moving in later as a front goes through, look forward to all my senses being filled with rain to replenish the budding plants and grass. Even knowing the hundreds and hundreds of baby grasshoppers will be ravaging my plants doesn’t concern me, this cycle of life will continue way after the earth has reduced me back to stardust…   Enjoy and look up and around! Don’t let life get in the way of something nature has to offer to make you smile and learn! Be good to our planet!

Photos span from beginning of moonrise till I went inside around 4:30am, don’t forget, tonight’s full moonrise will also be a beauty if you can see it, take in it’s beauty if you can and be “moonstruck” like me…


IMG_0036ares   IMG_0055b2res   IMG_0065re  IMG_0074a1res

IMG_0080a1are  IMG_0087abres  IMG_0099res  IMG_0120arre copy

IMG_0161e  IMG_0187Ares  IMG_0194ares  IMG_0201b1res

IMG_0194a1abres  and last, here’s my sweet niece, Kylie bouncing on moon till she’s worn herself out  IMG_6072akylie-1dstars2ares;_ylt=A0LEVxG5VE1TUDsA1JNXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTB0Y3RxaGtoBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkA1NNRTM4OV8x


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old enough to know better - self taught artist whose specialty is wildlife photography and art published writer - love fishing - love exhibiting member - Florida Museum For Women Artists - refined sugar addict

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