Morning of Bill Belleville’s Talk

Ok, I’ve had over a month to prepare and I still have not gathered enough tenacity to take on a website so it’s you and me!

The morning is perfect, sunny, going to be in 80’s, I polished my nails, (a once every couple year occurance and all my work is
packed and ready to go. I know Bill’s speech on Celebrating The Wild Side of Florida  will be FAB as he is an excellent writer and you can get his books from his site or Amazon or even Maya’s Bookstore on First Street in Sanford. He will be unveiling his latest book today.

Anyway, I’m still in PJ’s so I have to get moving shortly, but here’s some of my work that will be for sale, contact me via email if
you have questions,  — you can also see and follow some of my work on  one of these days I will get a gallery going.

DSC07542amorywatercolor2res Canoe on foggy Morning   005a_edited-1Arenson400mgre  Crow and moon   ??????????????????????????????? The Black Swan

023a_edited-3PPArensonrest  Turtle and Lily   038arensonsunset-1rest  Daybreak 1   SONY DSC  Fish Looking Up

rainydaygarden2a-7GsatPPrest  Zebra Longwings   SONY DSC Anole in Orange  065a_edited-4d_edited-4blueres Dragonfly On Blue

049b_edited-1crop_edited-8bres Caravaggio inspired Narcissist  ???????????????????????????????  Iyla and friends  ??????????????????????????????? Hawk

063arensonres Eagle In Tree
So let me run and find some clothes and put on a “face” – AND MOST OF ALL, try and figure out my new cell phone, I got it a new one yesterday and darn if I know how to use all these apps and such, please don’t make me use it! I would rather live out life without a cell phone! AWK< maybe if I go early, one of the students will take pity on me and show me how to use my own phone…
Come on out and have a listen and look  IMG_5126ar   SONY DSC  That’s what my new card looks like, too bad it didn’t come in time…






About A.j.

old enough to know better - self taught artist whose specialty is wildlife photography and art published writer - love fishing - love exhibiting member - Florida Museum For Women Artists - refined sugar addict

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