March Mayhem

Woke up this morning to gulping sunshine! WOO, like bright liquid madness oozing with volcanic fire through the curtains.  It has been rather cloudy the past few mornings and forgot I left the verticals parted. I remedied that! And what’s with this stupid time change – lets keep it on daylight all year round! We Floridians are a lazy bunch, we could change this law just like Arizona – we just don’t get organized, write your “Rep” and demand a bill for daylight savings time year round!

It’s been a crazy 4 weeks! As stated in previous blog, my work is in the Maitland Library with Womens Caucus of Art Florida Chapter members and I thank them for including me.  Then suddenly last week, I was asked
by Filmmaker/author, environmentalist, Bill Belleville if I would like some exposure at the Seminole State College Library with my wildlife photos. Bill’s  giving a talk, “Celebrating the Wild Side of Florida” April 11th,building G, Concert hall at 12:30pm.   IMG_1958a  He thought we’d have good energy with wildlife on the Library walls, how lucky am I! MARK YOUR CALENDAR!

Bill Belleville is devoted to the environment, every breath he takes is about what we can do to inform and educate the public about this natural gift. We have to protect it for generations while not bending to politicians, developers and  water companies so willing to exploit our natural resources for profit. He loves being in the “Walt Whitman” zone and thrives on every crevice nature has to offer. Bill takes groups on nature hikes and overnights, horseback riding and kayaking through the quiet, back roads and waterways, an appreciation for the “real” Florida that once was.  It’s all about preservation!
His latest documentary, “Alligator Princess”  about fellow conservationist, Michele Thatcher and her solo kayak trip on the Saint John’s River, looks quite intriguing, check it out.  a link please:

Thanks to Biology Department’s, Dr. Debra Socci, for graciously letting me ‘litter’ the walls with wildlife. It’s a beautiful new Library, much bigger and brighter than the old one, There’s even a food vendor in the hallway to grab your sugar high before you hit the books, and computers.  The Library itself has a wonderful staff — I thank Karen Kaufman for all her help in assisting me and helping to move that ten foot gigantic ladder, handing me artwork, while trusting that I wasn’t going to crash down on her at any given moment!  (and become a star of iPhone laughable moments.)  So now both first and second story exhibition walls are filled with abbesworld art. I hope it will inspire students about their surroundings and especially attend the lecture and be part of the solution to making sure the environment IS a priority. Thanks again Bill and Dr. Socci, much appreciated!

Have a partial look: ???????????????????????????????   ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????   Here’s a few of them. I could have plastered that place from wall to with so much wildlife, I didn’t share turtles, clouds, sunsets, I even limited myself to one vulture picture, but I did add my old cat, Ringo, RIP my old fishing buddy — 064re  How lucky am I to have great nature and people always surrounding me!!!

This week though, as I muddle through paperwork getting taxes organized, swimming in a sea of Flip house and rental expenses and receipts, ???????????????????????????????  I find my next door neighbor Kim will be moving – I will really miss her and her dog Joey so much! You can’t take your great neighbors for granted, thank them, tell them how you appreciate them!  I haven’t given a thought as to running out in the morning in pj’s and  robe to photograph a sunrise or wildlife, nor thought about being a shadowy figure at night on both our properties when taking a moon shots. Now I have to wonder about the “new rules” how it will be with new neighbors who have informed Kim they are putting in a pool and have a big dog – (part mastiff is the rumor) that will require fencing the yard. I hope Trinket will respect the boundaries. Kim, you have been the ideal neighbor  after having ideal neighbors before you, (big hugs to Kristi and Andy and Drew!) I can only hope that the third time is the charm as they say.  Best of luck in your home, know I’ll see you soon. (she’s only moving about 10 houses away. I tell ya the people in our neighborhood love it and stay here.)

I must get back to tax work, it has to be organized by tonight so I can run it out tomorrow. And here I am getting quite distracted, from my window I can see the eastern end of turtle island is already growing in glowing shells, taking the sun I have blocked out this morning and basking in the pathos of thick light. From here I don’t see any clouds. Moon rise is this afternoon, have missed the moon lately.  Anyway, have a ‘fab’ week, if you’re in the area, please check out The SSC Library, Maitland Library, The Vine in Sanford, or grab Donuts in Donuts to go and see what’s on the walls up there too – after getting one of their delicious treats you will be hooked to fresh, homemade donuts! It’s going to be a wonderful wildlife day – in 70’s here, (have to brag!) and here’s a morning pic from my third eye as I sit here typing, the view: ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????


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old enough to know better - self taught artist whose specialty is wildlife photography and art published writer - love fishing - love exhibiting member - Florida Museum For Women Artists - refined sugar addict

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