In Honor Of Women – Maitland Library through March – Womens Caucus For Art Florida Chapter Art Exhibit

First I must say that a few weeks ago Judith Segall asked if I wanted to contribute to the upcoming exhibit at Maitland Library for latest exhibit by WCAFL, (Womens Caucus for Art, Florida Chapter, )  entitled, “In Honor of Women” – of course I said yes!  This group, founded by Judy 20 years ago is one solid block of talented women.  I met Judy around 2006 when I was looking for an art group to join and this one was ripe with so many connections, both central Florida and nationally. Artists and ideas, conferences, & exhibits all over, it was a perfect place to start to learn how to advance my  picture hobby into exhibiting. I have learned so much from that experience. I must tell you how grateful I am to Judy for exposing me to so many avenues of art and to people of whom have made a difference in my life and I am so happy to have met them because of WCAFL,  (

One such person is Bonnie Sprung, curator and past WCAFL, President. Bonnie has a full plate 24/7 – you will find Bonnie all over and I mean it, she shows up everywhere with her art and her mother in tow. There’s hardly a venue around town that you don’t find Bonnie with her booth loaded with shirts, scarves, hats, knick knacks, etc etc. all displaying her art, and her adorable, smiling and proud Mom. Bonnie has a new line of paintings that have meaningful words hidden among brush strokes. Bonnie is responsible for putting together much of the art backgrounds for the local high school plays. I don’t think Bonnie sleeps, she must be mechanical! And today she whipped us all into shape, 58 pieces of art, 12 artists and she showed no mercy to the empty space at the Maitland Library. There’s a lot to take in, media includes quilts, photography,  and mixed media from abstract to nudes. Truly an exciting and diverse look at women artists. So please if you are passing by that part of town, go take a look.
I am including the list of artists and am giving you a preview of the artwork, though the light from the windows has thrown some of my photos off.
Artists included:
Gigi Croom
Judy Kaplin
Sally Sidner
Laura Monk
Janae Corrado
Ciera Hanna
Bonnie Dubbin Askowitz
Abbe Arenson
Kimme Prindle
Renee Wilson
Kathy Tran
Bonnie Sprung
Thank you WCAFL for honoring woman artists, women as subjects and women in general!

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old enough to know better - self taught artist whose specialty is wildlife photography and art published writer - love fishing - love exhibiting member - Florida Museum For Women Artists - refined sugar addict

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