A Warm Winter Solstice and Golf Cart Parade

I’m bushed! All month I have been working on my townhouse to rent, painting caulking, trim, etc etc,  I was too tired to make trip to Tampa for the Crazy Christmas Sweater Party at Leila and Aaron’s, but I’ll see them soon anyway. The days of December flew away on fast wings, I have given up on searching for gifts, don’t have the time nor the will, baa humbug. Tonight though I did watch the neighborhood golf cart parade which is a yearly happening. It was fun to listen to the enthusiasm and watch the lights go by, but nothing can take away the glory and spectacle from my neighbor Kim and her then boyfriend Steve who decorated their cart in uber-drive,   ???????????????????????????????   they came in first last year at the Sanford Christmas parade! That was a cart to remember!  When I can find the great picture at night when it was all lit up, it, I’ll add to this.

DSC02717resa  DSC02716are  IMG_5321ares   DSC02714a1res   DSC02713are   then you have my tree:  IMG_5312aRE I enjoy fish and birds on an X-mas tree, there’s a turtle on it too and by the way, today was winter solstice and a very warm record breaking day of 80+ and the turtles were out sunning in a pile.,  IMG_5247ares  I took a movie and as I filmed, a gator floated by! Here we go again! Wish I had followed it more closely, but I really didn’t notice it till I left the lake and sat down and watched. It was a great day and even Stray came by for dinner and  IMG_5277res  and posed”  IMG_5221ares     Sasha wanted to run around outside with him, but that wasn’t going to happen!  Trinket sat down at lake by me and then followed me wherever I walked to. It was a perfect day, weather can’t get better than today. Even tonight, the moon was a gazer’s delight:   DSC02746res  love all the reflection and the splashed of things being caught and chased under a waning moon – heck, under any moon!
Gotta rumple the sheets and get to bed, have no time to get really chatty, just want to say, hello and show you the outside of my townhouse: DSC02710are

I bought this glittery skeleton at Kohl’s last week, for 79cents, I had to have it, too gaudy? I hope so – hugs to all  DSC02673

I hope you have a X-mas and New Years to remember and that you have lots of love, peace and happiness, and make each day count, they are slipping away faster and faster!  DSC02711ares


About A.j.

old enough to know better - self taught artist whose specialty is wildlife photography and art published writer - love fishing - love exhibiting member - Florida Museum For Women Artists - OvationTv.com refined sugar addict

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