Broken Overalls Full Moon

One of those days, spinning wheels in true Abbe fashion, maybe it’s the full moon?  125lizard-1res_edited-3 copy Trying to finish painting and work on my townhouse to get it rented and too many other things draining me in many directions.  (Contact me if you are in need of a townhouse in Lake Mary and have really good credit!) email
Finally I got to the townhouse and as I bent over to grab a paint roller, my right shoulder strap broke off my overalls, I had that ‘lil Abb-ner look” haha, that’s a joke – go look it up, how many of you remember that cartoon?  Anyway, I had one strap on and one drooping way off  my right side like a limp flag. The guy that came to fix my screen gave me a strange look when I came to the door, and by the way, a plug for Sunshine Screen Enclosures in Sanford, (407-688-0786)  they are fast and priced well for repairs – good to throw in a plug to the locals!
I thought maybe it was time to replace the overalls and get new ones. I don’t know why I can’t separate myself from some of my old clothes.  Those are my patched jeans from 1969,  DSC02587ar     yep, I’m weird like that they live in a box with other tenderly folded “60’s clothes,” maybe it will come back into style for the grandkids.
I  bought those overalls abut 5 years ago and have given them a good workout with fishing 100_7744a in fact, they look pretty unscathed here about 4 years ago, and have since gotten them really broken  in and painted..  DSC02248res     I have busted the straps before and tried tying together, but this time, it was not gonna work – the straps were kaput! Funny thing was, there were all these older camera straps  gathered over my chair yesterday and Sasha thought it was a cat toy and kept clawing them down. So I asked Adam, if he thought these would sell as camera accessories? He told me to look it up, but I was too busy and ran off to work. And last night there as I looked at my paint spattered, comfy overalls looking ready for a funeral pyre lumped on a chair while at my desk checking the emails — there was the answer! Camera straps! How simple and ADJUSTABLE! I ran and got out my old sewing box, (from the 60’s — my mother painted it  DSC02588a  and gave it to me for my “secrets”, (hoping I was stupid enough to fall for that!) It’s only been a place for needle, thread and buttons probably much to my mother’s chagrin to know about my personal life back then.)
The straps were perfect,  DSC02558res they saved the day and my overalls. See, simple things for simple minds! And speaking of simple minds, I found an old memory card and really enjoyed the old pics, mainly of clouds and landscape.
Lately with the cold around here, the sky has been so pink/red at night during sunset. These older ones were in sepia tones and it was fun looking at them. I was working on a ‘flip’ house in Brandon Florida and the road going back and forth was scenic, plus the storms and clouds were visually consuming and luckily I look up a lot when I drive, (no, not as I drive, as I sit at stops signs and lights, I might be simple, but not that stupid.)
The last couple days the moon has been so full, though it was bright, sterile, cold white the last couple nights as it rose, on Tuesday it was orange. Here’s some views from abbesworld, the simpleton who is addicted to the nature around her.  Have a wonderful holiday and new years, no matter what you believe in, have faith in something, even if it’s yourself! Happy Holidaze!!! Look up!
DSC02431bre  IMG_4622are  IMG_4628a1rest  IMG_4640are  IMG_4653ares

IMG_4693bre  IMG_4966dre  IMG_4703are  IMG_4789ares  IMG_4805res

DSC02512acrop1res  DSC02311are  DSC02165Are And P/S, those who have been so kind to ask, and my friends Lindy and Bobbo who even made donations to SpayNSave after “Stray’s” surgery and repair last month, I am pleased to say he is looking great, wound has completely healed, he looks the best ever, can see no visible fight marks on him since surgery so hope he stays away from other feral buddies. Though he seems even more skittish than before, (maybe not forgetting or forgiving that he was trapped and got his manhood clipped and had to spend time in ‘lock up’, (thanks again Jane) , so maybe he doesn’t want to be close at all, but we are on a mutual respect, he stops and looks at me thru the window after he finishes a meal as if to thank me, at least that’s my interpretation. Here’s a continuing healthy and happy Stray cat! Remember our animals groups at this time of year, they have all sorts of needs, help them out!   DSC02140   – Now go and get things done instead of manipulatin’ photos- ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????


About A.j.

old enough to know better - self taught artist whose specialty is wildlife photography and art published writer - love fishing - love exhibiting member - Florida Museum For Women Artists - refined sugar addict

2 responses to “Broken Overalls Full Moon

  1. bibprofessor

    Hi there in Florida , I really love your overalls invention, using the straps from the cameras! really cool for an overalls wearing photographer, you do everything to save your overall treasures 🙂 and yes, I have also as you can read on my blog, my old jeans etc. from the 60ties! and love really broken overalls, wearing more or less only overalls! overall greetings from Denmark, Niels

    • A.j.

      Greetings back BibProfessor, happy to hear from Denmark that other’s find they have similar loves in their lives. And I still have straps in case I get a pair of used overalls again, PS, I only buy them used, one must have them broken in! I will read your blog!

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