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First, a large shout out to SpayNSave! As many of you know, I have a stray named Stray,  ???????????????????????????????    I mean what’s the point in naming an animal who might abandon you at anytime and shows no feelings toward humans? But Stray has been coming to eat for 3 years and then leaves in a hurry to survey his kingdom. He has never shown any interest in being a ‘pet’ nor touching the hand of a human and runs away if I get closer than 8-10feet. He got into a brawl about 10 days ago and the wound on his left front leg went from gaping to extremely and graphic gaping, you could see down into the festering ‘meat’. By Thursday morning he was limping and the toes were swollen toe pillows. What to do What to do…  I contacted FB friends and a few suggested SpayNSave, a local group dealing with spaying and neutering of animals. They told me to bring him in to be neutered and they would dress his wounds and give him rabies shots also. (If you put SpayNSave in my search you will see my article on their once a month vaccine clinics too.)
I got a trap, which you can get from Seminole County Animal Services for free if you are a resident. I added cat food to the cage and he was a total sucker, then the door slammed and I had a lion in the cage going bonkers – and I was supposed to lift this cage of snarling anger? I put a sheet on top and loaded into back of my truck and very slowly made my way to SpayNSave at 988 N. Ronald Reagan Blvd in Longwood, Fl. — that was at 10:30am, by 4:45pm the same day I had a surgically altered, woozy cat. I had anticipated that and appealed again on FB to see if anyone had a crate, luckily, there was access to a new crate from Jane who was so generous to help me out!
Now I had a drunk looking, wild cat and I had to load him into a new crate from the trap, that at least was easy, for once I opened the end of the trap, he gladly ran to the back of the large dog crate. I had put cardboard on the bottom and newspaper, cat box and water dish and small towel. Stray laid down on the towel and hissed, but that was step one. He ate all his meals in 2 seconds and was not keen upon using the litter box and that was a messy challenge. It sure made my appreciation for people who are cat and dog trappers or foster pet keepers and vet techs grow by leaps and bounds .

My cat Sasha,  ??????????????????????????????? wanted nothing more than to be his friend and would parade her fluffiness back and forth in front  ??????????????????????????????? of the cage as if to say, “how’d that neuter work for ya?” She was so excited to have a new rebel in her life since she clearly missed our wild cat, Ringo, who totally ignored her, but she’s not too bright and didn’t see it that way. It was rather humorous to watch Sasha’s sashay. Stray would watch her, but only because he didn’t probably want an animal that close.
When I opened the cage to give him food he would hiss and sit up ready to fight. I tried to keep it all at a minimum and kept cage covered most of the time except some daytime hours when I lifted the veil from the front only so he could see, He was a good patient, but last night he tore up about everything in his cage. By morning, his leg all nicely healing, his antibiotics almost out, I decided he could go. I fed him a good breakfast with his meds and then opened the porch door and then his door and went inside and watched,  he came out and has been quietly snoozing off and on under his spot where I normally feed him.  ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  He’s resting happily free and hopefully will give it some time before he fights again. He has a nemesis, a black cat, also a stray who would like to claim this territory, he comes randomly, though I did see him yesterday and shooed him away,  No, I refuse to be that lady feeding a yard full of strays!   ???????????????????????????????   So I’m hoping this does not go badly for Stray and that his healing continues and that he will not think badly of me for chopping off his balls! I will continue to feed him and hope that he sticks around. I only wish one day he would let me pet him, but that’s not likely to happen anytime soon. I might keep porch door open later tonight and see if he comes on porch to sleep. So far, he is sleeping with face to the sun in his favorite spot, maybe one day he will let me near…

On down to Little Fish Huge Pond in Sanford that mentioned they were having a Steampunk night. So I found my Papa’s collapsed top hat in the drawer, pushed it out and away I went,
???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????   I was amazed at what Sanford had done with the changes to 3rd through 4th street! They have made it look totally bar hopping friendly. I had not been down Sanford Ave and 3rd at night for a year! They had parking  diagonally and bars were opened on both Little Fish Huge Pond side and the opposites side. It was like I stepped into a magic looking zone. Liz Watkins at LFHP has quite a wonderful and fun place for artists, musicians and other minglers. She used to show movies on Wednesdays, don’t know if that still happens, but Liz encourages and has always been a big supporter of Sanford art and artists. The walls of LFHP are filled with things to look at. There were some cool steampunky clad people sharing the space last night,  LFHP is in the new “Entertainment district”. At least that’s what it’s now called and it’s easy to navigate.
I was totally blown away by the sophistication put into one of Sanford’s latest eateries, Shantell’s Cafe and Oyster Bar. Met co-partner Larry and he was extremely welcoming and proud of his places as he has a pool table in the next room where they also have kareoke and then a bar attached to that. It was beautifully designed and reconstructed with lots of detailed thought put into it from the floor to the seating and wall panels, a nice WOW factor! ???????????????????????????????  ??????????????????????????????? His employees were also very nice too. The menu included chicken & waffles, Jerk shrimp & rice, fried okra, specialty burgers, closed Mon & Tues.—. Have a look at what I saw, though you have to remember, you are looking through the “cerebrally challenged” brain of Abbesworld — scuse me while I kiss the sky! A full moon too.
092a Liz Watkins, artist Dlynn and hubby Jim Roll. ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

101a_edited-2trx  ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  Sinatra’s mugshot poster giving off psychedellic musical vibes  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  119ares_edited-1

121ares_edited-1  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????   There’s a few bars I didn’t get,  Buck’s was rockin’ loud. Plus as I pulled away, I noticed a sweet little down home fish and chicken place, (was it Patty’s?)  right behind Little Fish Big Pond, so rock on and support the arts. Rescue an animal from the pound or any rescue group, and donate to your favorite charity. SpayNSave is doing a fantastic job, send a few bucks to anyone who is helping someone else, remember to check out all charities before you donate!


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3 responses to “Steampunk, Stray, Shantell’s, SpayNSave

  1. Enjoyed this SO much, both to catch up on Stray and see what Sanford is becoming. Finally it seems like the hip place to be. Thanks for giving shout outs to the fabulous little town that finally could.

  2. John Sanford

    Great Blog love it
    Isnt Larry from the fat Mermaid? great guy if its the same one

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