Teeming Termites and Tenets

Yesterday went down by the lake around 7:30am and was hit by a flurry of clumsy white wings enmass passing by. Knew what that was, termites hatching! They were flying off to their new destinations. It’s funny how it works, there will be a couple different spots near trees where once a year the emerging termites suddenly hatch and take off,  ???????????????????????????????   And even though all are in different trees, each place seems to hatch on the same day at same time as if termites are in sync and coordinating their moves. It’s cool to watch this wall of wings pass around you onto the excitement of waiting birds and especially dragonflies who amp it up and go into a feeding frenzy.  ???????????????????????????????   ???????????????????????????????  Luckily nature works that way! So far none has nested inside my house,  but I’m going to be more vigilant and try to watch for their nests which are somewhat like ant nests in the moist ground near trees,  they are not really a guest one wants hanging around.  I should have video taped it, they are too fast for the camera.

The weather is beginning to have some cooling spikes, went from 90’s now to low 80’s with a few nights in the 60’s, (coat and electric blanket weather for me!)  The mornings have been a cooler and there are turtles coming out to hang out on the islands in the lake, looks like it should be a good turtle viewing year.  ???????????????????????????????   So far no gators, but who knows where they could be lurking around here, this is Florida, any body of water is an invitation for all wildlife. Last year if you recall this gator was out sunning each day for the cold months on the island,   ???????????????????????????????   He was massive, awesome, with huge scales and tremendous head that was easy to spot from an acre away. This reptile had successfully outsmarted man for many years. My neighbors were quite worried as there are young kayakers out in the lake and many young middle school aged kids willing to be curious. The county sent out Shelly,  an antique dealer by weekends, gator trapper all week. She baited and we all waited, who knew there was a 7 foot gator was so close to my property? I sure didn’t as I fished many late afternoons by edge of the lake with my cats.   ???????????????????????????????  The seven footer was not the monster gator on the island, (but about a foot and a half longer than me!) This ‘shorter’ gator had  a clipped tail from a fight with another gator..  Will the big guy come again this year?  I will be watching!  We didn’t bait again after the 7 foot gator was caught, the goliath had been MIA at that time, heck,  the huge gator had lived all these years without being caught. . People try and feed their gator wildlife, huge mistake, they tend to want to hang around. The gators here  have plenty to eat in Abbe Lake! I can tell you I won’t call if  I spot him, but can’t say what neighbors will do if they see him. I would love to know how big he really was, I’m guessing 10 to 12 feet plus.
More turtles waiting for the blast of sun to warm their cold hearts.  ???????????????????????????????       These young teenage cranes came by as do my regulars couple,  ???????????????????????????????  The old couple has taken to sleeping on turtle island each night.    Our water level is pretty low and unless there are a few really good soakings, the water level might be really low this winter and spring.  When weather begins to cool off, usually it means there’s only one more mow and that’s it until spring, unless we continue to have some long warm trend. I look forward to not mowing and weed whacking for a while, there’s plenty of weeding to do!

My neighbor has her house up for sale and the house on the other side of me is empty. I have always had wonderful neighbors, what are the odds it continues? I can only hope each home finds great neighbor like Kristi and Andy and Kim, I have been spoiled! Cross your fingers it’s not wild and crazy people. Many times our neighborhood attracts their own to buy the homes for sale, it seems we live in a spot where families in generations are living and  many grown  grandchildren have taken over their grandparents homes, love that about this quiet place. I enjoy the fact I can run out in PJ’s taking pics or go down by the lake when it’s dark and Kim next door knows I’m wacky like that and accepts it all. I’ll miss her being there. I hope another single, quiet, mature person buys it!

Bees are all over the flowering plants, that’s a good sign:  ???????????????????????????????   All seems well and happy in beeworld.on the lake. I  have been quite busy with a “hive’ of activity with my own adult kids who are both on the move, moving into new homes at the same time! My stay in Riverview for almost 3 weeks was rather tiring, my whole body is still adjusting to getting more sleep, (as if that happens.) Luckily my daughter’s move only required minimal leg work, a few boxes and clothes up and down stairs, no painting or repairs, YES! Now that she’s almost moved out, there will be complete painting to be done in my townhouse, my daughter has been my only tenet for about 8 years so this will be a whole new experience getting renters. The townhomes like many others are ‘upside down’ and I hate to lose money selling it, so intend to rent it for a few years till market hopefully pulls itself together and maybe make a profit one day, I don’t see it happening as quickly as I like, but what’s great  about location is it’s only a mile from the new ‘Sunrail’ station in Lake Mary, they are going to town making new shopping and living areas, broadening the plans to expand the downtown.

The citrus this year looks pathetic, it seems most of us have got the disease that is clamping down on our bounty.. My grapefruit and lemons look terrible as do the wonderful tangerines that Kim had. Most are shriveling up from a fungus. UGH, will miss not having fresh lemons and tangerines right here to pick.

And when is there time to get art back on track? Been too busy. But still I am able to get good wildlife pics in between working.  Do look forward to break in weather and the herons coming back to pick their nesting spots for the winter. They are coming once in a while to turtle island along with smaller blue herons, but have not been coming to our trees. There’s a snowy egret and small blue heron that enjoy foraging together for a few days last week in early morning.  ???????????????????????????????   ???????????????????????????????   hoping to see a few otters soon too. Still got a good supply of wood ducks though, glad for that. The hummingbirds and butterflies have scaled back too. My stray cat is still no fan of humans, but does appear almost daily for a meal. One can see he’s a scrapper, wish he would get friendly, but he’s been coming by for 3 years almost and still remains very feral.)  So that’s the status, lots of natural tenets taking off for greener pastures and new places. I’m still in my same spot doing much of the same, (aw the quiet calm of insanity doing the same thing over and over but for me, not really expecting new results.)  Spin the wheels spin the wheels, gotta run and deliver some art I sold, YES!


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old enough to know better - self taught artist whose specialty is wildlife photography and art published writer - love fishing - love exhibiting member - Florida Museum For Women Artists - OvationTv.com refined sugar addict

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