The MOOOOON, Lovin’ the sky on Wednesday

5:26pm — that was the time it said the moon would rise, and since it was a wonderful late afternoon with sun and some clouds,  I hoofed it down by the lake to watch the moon rise across the lake. The problem was the clouds. While there were very few and guess where they were built up? Yep, across the lake where the moon was due to rise.     ???????????????????????????????   The water was so flat it felt like it was almost listening to the sky. The mirror of sky upon the water was like a painting.  The sky looked like  two things might happen, 1. The clouds would keep floating by without any gathering of moisture , OR 2. They might become a magnet to each other and form rain. I looked around and noticed about 6 ibis up in the trees,  ???????????????????????????????  had to make a little ibis art  ???????????????????????????????   love the pink beaks and blue eyes.  Birds are a good distraction while waiting — always enjoy a sailing vulture above,  ???????????????????????????????

Sure enough the clouds began clinging and darkening, there was rain off to back of the clouds.  ???????????????????????????????   That meant it would be a while to see the almost full moon as it would have to climb past all those low hanging clouds to show itself.  I got up and walked across Kim’s yard and there were the same pink blooms that looked so beautiful a few weeks ago. Bees were buzzing about enjoying the blooms. It was good to see all the activity as bees across the country have been growing scarce, not here, I see them all over the weeds I have , no shortage of bees around my neighborhood.  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????   Back and forth I walked the two yards watching and waiting for the clouds to either part or move. It was taking too long,  ???????????????????????????????   Airplanes came in from the east flying to Sanford International Airport about 8 miles away. Sometimes the planes fly so low you feel  like they will land in the lake!   Not all planes are commercial jets, the majority are props planes that go in and out. Sometimes the sputtering makes you wonder about the health of the plane! as they pass by.  ???????????????????????????????   ???????????????????????????????  The wind began blowing a bit and you could see rain was coming down somewhere back there. I was so hoping for a rainbow, but that didn’t happen. I waited longer, even saw turtles on part of turtle island. The cranes too came to prep for bedtime flying past me to land on a higher part of turtle island.  ??????????????????????????????? and finally, maybe about 45 minutes later, the moon made an appearance, I snapped and snapped away, so here’s the bounty:

???????????????????????????????   ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

???????????????????????????????   ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????. I could go on and on with the moon. Pictures of moon and sky meshed well together. I came in feeling overwhelmed by the number of pictures I took, so here’s some to keep you looking up. Enjoy your night and your Thursday – exhaustion is trying to take me, I might have to go with it, so goodnight, be a good steward of your environment!


About A.j.

old enough to know better - self taught artist whose specialty is wildlife photography and art published writer - love fishing - love exhibiting member - Florida Museum For Women Artists - refined sugar addict

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