The Daily Grind & Finding Beauty

???????????????????????????????  In and out, in and out, that’s how it goes during the day –  In the course of waking hours there’s always errands to do and I do keep my camera at my side.  I really don’t have to drive anywhere for a photo op, simple things appeal to me right at home. It’s easy to find fun in this daily grind, to ignore the paperwork and find a subject that I take notice of. Flowers, bugs, birds, cats clouds, simple forms. Tonight had such an interesting sky around sunset, I sat on my little plastic bench outside and watched nature unfold. The sky looked like it should have been “made on the 4th of July” – WOW – POP – FIZZ, the clouds fanned out in many directions, and the best part, all this nature for free – (well, I do have to pay taxes for the view.) Anyway,  here’s a look at Abbesworld on Tuesdayz daily grind.
??????????????????????????????? In the morning I come out to find wood ducks around 7am – they are on my side of the lake till I open that sticky aluminum porch door and they scream and fly to the other side of the lake. There are over a dozen wood ducks swimming and grooming way across the way. i laugh and always think of my friend Jerry who claims I stole his wood ducks from his lake. They are absolutely gorgeous ducks, today they were just too far to get a good close up.
??????????????????????????????? Stray is the stray I have been feeding for 2 years, (he shows up usually at least 4 days a week.) He still refuses to let me get within 10 feet before running off. I have appealed to SpayNSave for a trap so he can get neutered and maybe won’t fight so much and even mellow out. It seems his eyes are always getting infected after these many fights. There is a grant available to pay for neutering strays and putting them back in the same environment after the procedure, that’s the plan, I hope Stray qualifies.
??????????????????????????????? Sasha was busy this morning on the porch. She loves the cooler mornings, it makes the lizards slower and revs her motor up a notch.. This morning she caught an anole and proudly walked around making a racket proclaiming a victory. She doesn’t kill them, just kind of diverts their plans. I did take it away to her disappointment. ???????????????????????????????   The flowers were very pretty, may varieties bloom often around here like the hibiscus and trumpets.  ???????????????????????????????   ???????????????????????????????   Birds cross from everywhere, I adore their funny faces at my feeder and bird bath. At night the cranes fly home to their latest retreat near Turtle Island,  herons seem to fly in pairs far above me,  ??????????????????????????????? This pair was one blue, one white. Have noticed large numbers of grackles flying past at night, but have not seen many around here lately, i love a good blackbird and vulture.  ???????????????????????????????
The neighbor had a lot of trees removed, watched the guy climb a pine way to the top, probably about 70 feet and tame that tree into nothing.  ???????????????????????????????    The guy made it look effortless. ???????????????????????????????    look at that sawdust fly!
The morning started out overcast but by late afternoon the sun came thru the clouds and the sky turned blue again with lots of clouds and sun. By dinner time the sky started getting interesting, the moon had freshly risen and climbed through the muted clouds,   SONY DSC   they sky became quite expressive.  171ares_edited-1  The clouds went from slight pinks and purples to deepen, clouds lengthen and reflections on lake get deeper, the sky seems to be screaming HURRAY for another wonderful day!  ???????????????????????????????    ???????????????????????????????  109a_edited-1
Enjoy your evening and remember to look for the details in nature, if you can’t, I’ll try and do some of it for you – now go look at the moon and feel the cool air and be happy our summer has finally broken. This is my favorite month, I wish It could last about 50 days instead of 31!  ???????????????????????????????   Good night and safe travels!


About A.j.

old enough to know better - self taught artist whose specialty is wildlife photography and art published writer - love fishing - love exhibiting member - Florida Museum For Women Artists - refined sugar addict

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