Armadillo Lost in Fog

went to bed at about 4am, the moon had lost its’ visibility.  ???????????????????????????????  there wasn’t even a faint light, but tonight the moon should be almost full,   5:26pm in Orlando for moonrise.

I woke 3 1/2 hours later to a chatty cat on the floor talking about breakfast, I told her she already had food, but she said that she doesn’t eat dry food that sits out for more than a half hour, it had to be ‘freshened’.
That’s Sasha for you, spoiled and mouthy,     ???????????????????????????????  she’s the live one on the floor.  And slave that I am, I got up at 7:15am and poured new dry food on top of the old and opened a can of wet food. Cat people know once that can is open, you can about kiss the rest of the contents goodbye as mine won’t touch it again even though I put the can away with a top on it, thank goodness I have that stray cat out there.

Upon looking outside there was a fog coming across the lake, I love a good fog. Grabbing my camera, I walked briskly to lake and there I noticed a pointy head by the shore, damn armadillo, he or she has been rooting around the shoreline tearing up the dirt in many places.  ???????????????????????????????  When I saw it, I stopped in my tracks, it reared that head up, ears like flags in the wind, beady eyes watching and curious claws ready for a fight, Then it kept going,  ???????????????????????????????  I wanted a good picture, but it darted into my clump of bushes. ???????????????????????????????  I watched and watched and watched some more while photographing the fog. The shelled body never emerged. I waited more than a half hour and still it never came out of the bushes. Maybe it dug a big hole and went to bed after all the effort in tearing up my yard.  It’s where the bucket is. ???????????????????????????????

In the meantime, the fog went from thick to thicker, ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? everything immersed immersed in natures sweat. I looked for spider webs and things of interest, there were hardly any spiders busy last night. In the past on a morning of fog there are usually hundreds of webs, this morning there were three.
???????????????????????????????  ‘???????????????????????????????   “amped” it up a bit so you can see details. The trees were bathed in mist, the sky was dripping all around me
???????????????????????????????  — the cranes had not left the island yet and could make out a great white heron behind them  ???????????????????????????????

???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  the wood ducks were way off and I could only see their shadows as they swam around – later as the fog lifted, I could see their colors. ???????????????????????????????   There was a confused looking mockingbird on bird house, it didn’t even sing or call out.  ???????????????????????????????  It all kept changing until the fog somewhat lifted, and still no armadillo, I’m convinced it’s sleeping in that clump of bushes. Oh Well, still nice to see a different view in the morning, it’s 3 hours later and no sun yet, just gray blanketing sky. I’m going back to bed for an hour – Sasha’s been sleeping for a few hours, I’ll bet I’ll go in for a nap, and she will come in a few minutes later to chat again about the freshness of her food, i’m getting close to putting her in the bushes with that armadillo!
???????????????????????????????   ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????


About A.j.

old enough to know better - self taught artist whose specialty is wildlife photography and art published writer - love fishing - love exhibiting member - Florida Museum For Women Artists - refined sugar addict

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