???????????????????????????????      Clearly I AM the Madhatter living on overlap,  time goes, but things needing to be addressed are still looming ahead and I can’t catch up to them.  I go thru the stacks of paperwork needing to get done and then the next month rushes in only to find things must be dealt with again — you know my drill, spin the wheel spin the wheel, it’s crazy, I’m trying to do it all and think I have it conquered and BOOM — there it is again..

Both of my adult children, yes, my oxymoron brain questions that term adult children too, bought homes within weeks of each other. My daughter’s home needs hardly anything done at all, it’s wonderfully  move in ready! But my son’s needed full re-painting and popcorn extraction.  I’ve been in Rivervew 4 days trying to help paint, the 80’s home has “good solid bones”,  is a perfect space for the kids and I know they will have many good times in the fenced backyard with the pool and spa. The little ones are going to love it! There’s a huge live oak shading the backyard, it’s a perfect area where a swingset needs to go. It needs color correction. Previous owners liked mixing of rather brooding colors that made the main rooms look very dark and the extra bedrooms were the color of ‘obnoxious pink and blue’, all done in semi-gloss. I think the previous owners let their little kids help paint their rooms from the looks of it. These are original pre-painting look: ???????????????????????????????

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????  ??????????????????????????????? Aaron looking overwhelmed. 098  There’s green, bright yellow, neon blue and pink – AWK!

I began by dragging out the Zinsser primer and a roller and brush and rolled like a demon, well a slower, more mature demon. It took 2 coats to cover the red in one bedroom and the damn color still bled thru from that semi gloss paint. Aaron found his paint sprayer and brought it over, OMG, he could do in a matter of minutes what it was taking me hours and days to do. But he stood in a room of total paint immersion, a room with it’s own silenced, rainforest atmosphere, warm, moist, enveloped in a primer cloud.  ???????????????????????????????
He wore a mask, but had taken the goggles off, his lashes and hair were primed too. It was like watching a wizard work magic, though I stood out of the way. I felt like I had hardly contributed except for some detail work. Now it’s scrapping off the ceiling time, so I’m back home till it’s wall painting time again. Here’s some views with finished “primered” rooms:  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

013 Primer on! Ceiling to be done, great job Aaron! Man oh man, that was a lot of work done by you in 3 days! Hope you still have lungs!  It made me wonder if some old  house painters die of insanity from following the lines all those years of painting or from the intake of all the chemical amalgamate inside those paint cans and stains and the clouds wafting through the nostrils to the brain over years, and years – whoooo, that paint smell can’t be good for the brain nor the lungs.

After the ceiling is finished, Leila has her own palette of colors to apply. They are excited, the little ones are unsure why things are being moved around, wait till they see the peacocks and peahens, I enjoy their colors!

Aaron and I were painting and adding words to Jim Morrisons “The End”,
“He went into the room where his sister was, and painted,
then he paid a visit to his brother’s room and painted,
He walked on down the hall and painted,
And he came to a door…and he looked inside
and said Sellers I want to kill you,
(for choosing these colors in semi gloss.)
And then we kept hearing the song Sail by Awolnation, it fit both our painting habits, Blame it on my ADD —  We renamed it “Painting with my ADD” Aaron and I found we both paint the same way, we get bored and move to another room to paint a few new walls then move to somewhere else    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH2efAcmBQM

Since Wednesday night was first night of poetry reading at Maya Books & Music on First St. in Sanford, I knew I had to go. Drove home to see how it would turn out and it couldn’t have been better! Yvette Comeau, owner of Maya had a nice turnout of readers and appreciative listeners of poetry and it was such a positive charge! The featured readers for the night, Ron Houchin and A.E. Stringer read from their books.  Guest readers included Joe Rosier, Jim Rucquoi, Barbara Abemry, J. Kirk Richards, Gary Holmes and , Michele Mina(?) who I can’t stop thinking about her hat and her very “poetic-like” presence, there was something quite unique about her look.  There were also members of The Sanford Writers Club and Mt. Dora Writers Guild and some students in house.

It was quite interesting,  but admit my head is so full of whitenoise and thoughts in my inner space that I could not untangle one set of words from the next. I kept looking at Yvette and her dog, Layla and the interaction and love between them.  It was still such an inspiration, I’d like to write poetry again, but with my camera I can convey my crazy thoughts without the tedious writing required. I concentrated on taking photos of readers, wondering in the back of my mind  if I should even unpack my suitcase at home? Which day to go back to Tampa? Then thinking about getting my townhouse painted and  ready for rental, it too would be vacant near the end of month. So much going on,  please slow down time! The world is really whirling in abbeswhirled!  I gave a card to someone last night and realized there was no address on it for my latest blogsite and damn if I couldn’t think of the address and how I titled it, I’m officially senile. But  now that I’m home and on the site, I see how it’s titled and it rings true, offrocker in abbeswhirled — That’s me!

The crowd was generally older and  subjects had a good diverse quality,  a far difference from  when I go to Seminole State College’s Tuesdays Voices poetry meetings where it’s mostly all about teenage angst.  http://abberantverse.wordpress.com/2009/11/20/college-poetry-night/
This was a vast array of wordsmiths crafting life’s experiences and using select words to give us the rich details. Many of them award winning and published poets. Bill Belleville, environmental lecturer and writer came as a listener too, wow, it was such a prestigious group, how lucky was I to be there! The bookstore has a great aura about it, the old building with it’s high detailed ceilings and books books and more books. it’s so maybe that was it, too many titles assaulting me!

Yvette pulled a great evening together, I hope she will give it another shot in a month or so – thanks so much Yvette, that was a most enchanting night – and thanks to Layla who every once in a while stood up and did her own rendition of Ginsberg’s Howl, preferring her canine version of “Bark”, that too had me thinking of what Layla would say if her barks were translated…
“I saw the best canine minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical, hungry and loaded with fleas,
dragging themselves through the streets at dawn looking for a home, even a foster home…”,
  ???????????????????????????????    ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????
Luckily Layla will never have to think about looking for a home as she is truly loved and appreciated by all who come into Maya Books & Music!

???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????   the colorful pic is from The Willowtree where the nightly singers have their unlimited polka songs. And the last was when I was driving toward Sanford and saw a gorgeous pink cloud emerge above the gray one with the sun setting, enjoy – tonight in downtown Sanford is Alive After 5 Octoberfest, 5-9 – TONIGHT, their most popular AA5 of the year, come on down!  ???????????????????????????????  ??????????????????????????????? check these links below



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