Friday April 26th ArtWalk — Celebrating Friends Art and Sanford

???????????????????????????????199res My walk started with the Welcome Center which was featuring a black and white exhibit of both paintings and photography – it was quiet over there, but the art was nice.  I headed for the Sapphire Room, the new bar that used to be The Art Affair Gallery, it was open for business and who was there enjoying the scenery but Mary K. Shaw, she signaled from the window and I walked in to a very well designed space, Liked the color and aura, but it was still a sad space with all the art being gone. I chatted with Mary K. then we headed out to see Delany Dean who was featured artist at The Hyder Gallery, we had more who arrived to celebrate Delany’s work, GK Sharman arrived to find Delany down the street at the Breezeway planning her next paddling expedition with her friends. So we enjoyed the Hyder Gallery and made our way to The Breezeway where Delany sat with her close kayak clan, Debby and Jane.  From there  I followed GK and MK to Gallery On First which was having 100 pieces of art for under $100 each. It was THRILLING! What a terrific idea to get art out to the public from very fine local artists!  Judie Lee and Julie Kessler were there with lot’s of their work, ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????sculptures, wood, paintings all part of Judie Lee and Julie Kessler’s designs, I so envy the closeness of these twins! They seem to have a wonderful dynamic of being close sisters and friends and supportive, talented artists.  bright and exciting. As was Cherie Dacko’s art which is always something very very cool!
Have a look:  ??????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? and I so enjoyed Kevin Abbott’s “Vignettes” – his vintage photos inside mixed media was so well done, he and Debe are always creating new ways to manipulate texture.  Here’s there latest:
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  The single piece, “Hank” is in their personal gallery up front along with many unusual pieces,
??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? And now to get excited about another Abbott who has only been in gallery just over a month, Tom Abbott, (no relation to Kevin and Debe, but a style that all his own, Tom’s gallery space has been a pleasure to enjoy! It’s a whimiscal and happy spot to stand in the middle of the room and just look at the dimensional work from many angles, very exciting, bursting with color and texture.
???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Tom must dream in algebraic and mechanical trysts.
There are many more artists with work in both the $100 room and in their personal booths, I have shown art that is both under and over $100, this is surely an exhibit not to be missed!
Then on to Hyder again to catch Delany at Delany Dean’s photography exhibit, her use of background is essential and a beautiful part of her work. Delany has a great eye and shoots because she truly has to, it’s something she would do whether she was exhibiting or not. I can’t do her justice because of the lights that were intruding into her art, so go see in person to truly appreciate the photography and art involved in her work. I was shooting from both outside and inside, but those lights were creating their own artwork upon the photos.
. ??????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? and after that, I parted ways and came and went snapping here and there, here’s the rest of the night with friends and familiar faces – I ended up at Twisted Vine which was truly rocking with a band and loaded with a good time crowd, I have my work over there so look in the window and you can see some of my pieces hanging on the wall – Glad to see they are doing so well! ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Celery City String Band
???????????????????????????????an art tree made of resin and paint brushes left as a gift of art in the Clock Square, it was quite interesting.
???????????????????????????????Tom’s interesting diversity of subject.
Did anyone notice Leon was Mr. Photogenic? While a friend talked Mary K. into a way to prep for getting your photo taken as Cherie documented and I documented Cherie documenting… ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Also enjoyed the full moon when I got home – ???????????????????????????????  Have a great weekend and remember, NEXT WEEK IS ST JOHN”S RIVER ART FESTIVAL IN SANFORD — IT”S A MUST !!!!


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old enough to know better - self taught artist whose specialty is wildlife photography and art published writer - love fishing - love exhibiting member - Florida Museum For Women Artists - refined sugar addict

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