The Sunrise and Surprise

Monday morning,  woke early, looked out at sky and wondered, should I head to marina? The morning clouds looked intense, though it also looked like the darker clouds might dominate.
At 7:15am, I headed out to see what the day would bring, hoping to see a lot of marina wildlife. That part turned out disappointing, only some ducks and a few others, not one gator. Very quiet, only one fisherman. Going to be 84degrees, very warm ahead of a front.
The sky to the east looked full of promise with splayed clouds and blue sky, to the west it was gray and thick with a bed of dark gray clouds, so I worked my way through the different places to stop and along the way, I saw a rainbow materialize which made my morning! In fact, the man changing the trash bag told me that a rainbow meant no more rain today. I thanked him for his wisdom and took a fair amount of pics and was very good about NOT stopping by Donuts To Go for the best donuts around, my mouth is watering as I think about it!
I was surprised not to see any gator heads surfacing. It’s close to mating season for those reptiles, the days are warm and they should be a common sight by now. A few days ago, an almost 7 foot gator was pulled from my lake when a neighbor called – that was the  first one the neighbors have seen for over 40+ years.  Who knew the gators were looming around my lake like this, but I guess they must know what I know: they have a virtual buffet down there between the ducks, frogs, otters, fish and turtles. What gator wouldn’t dream of such a habitat — just as long as they don’t plan on mating here and becoming a mini Lake Jessup with major gator traffic! There are over a million gators hanging around Florida, and now mating season! Much better than having the giant snake problem of south Florida, give me an alligator anytime over a 12 foot python trying to get on the porch to eat some tasty cats! (No self respecting cat is going to inspect a gator close to shore, they leave that to dumber dogs.)
I finished my marina tour and started to leave,  drops of rain dotted my windshield while driving away. So much for marina wisdom, but any water would help as we have a bad drought and water levels are quite low.
Enjoy the view from my eyes to yours: Have a week full of rainbow moments!



About A.j.

old enough to know better - self taught artist whose specialty is wildlife photography and art published writer - love fishing - love exhibiting member - Florida Museum For Women Artists - refined sugar addict

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