Did I see the PanSTARRS Comet Or…

I think I saw it! The PanSTARRS Comet might have passed when I went to the marina a few hours earlier. I read the articles and noticed others in Florida had seen it on the horizon and remarked about it, documenting their pictures:  http://www.skyandtelescope.com/observing/home/185665152.html

Made my way toward the marina around 7:15pm, stopped by my weak spot, Donuts To Go ???????????????????????????????     Grabbed a glazed donut and water for rations in case it took a while to wait the comet out. I’m trying hard to cut down on my sugar since my doctor told me point blank last week that my blood sugar level was almost at a pre-diabetic stage and if I continued eating so much sugar, I was going to need about 4 medications with my candy bars! So I actually have given up drinking soft drinks and have taken to cutting my sweet ice tea with 1/2 water. The problem is also carbs, my big addiction to snacking on crackers, bread, pretzels, chips and all things ‘carby’ . It”s hard changing a lifestyle – I ate only half the donut trying to rationalize, hey, baby steps, baby steps….

Meanwhile, I came upon the water and noticed the sky was growing pinker. ???????????????????????????????    Sure hoped there was a comet to be seen as I drove to park.
The water had little waves, the wind was blowing colder air off the St. Johns River. Four people were fishing, besides that, only a couple walkers went by and a couple sailboats came in to dock.  ??????????????????????????????? The sky to the east was purple and pink, the sky to the west a bit orange and pink.  ???????????????????????????????  I noticed pink lines in the sky and zeroed in with the telephoto to see they were planes with contrails. The planes went back and forth, I studied the trails and took some pictures.???????????????????????????????    ???????????????????????????????   ??????????????????????????????? They planes left two distinct, pink lines as they passed.
Finally I saw the crescent moon come out of hiding and also an eagle’s silhouette.
???????????????????????????????    ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????
The air grew colder and then I think I saw the comet to the west. I tried to film it and could not get but a blurred off white image from all the coloration in the sky, and then it would get lost in the vapors of the evening clouds.  tried getting a close up, it kept blurring –was that it? I’m not sure, but I think it was. The article above said it would be rather unremarkable, but even if this was all there was to it, just a small white blurred line, it was interesting to me,??????????????????????????????? Click to enlarge.
Everything else was pink, this was offwhite, was that it? What do you think?  It was moving in and out of the clouds fast and could not get another chance to see it. I was excited by this piece of debris, a chunk space lighting the sky, it just had to be it!!!??? There’s always tomorrow to try again I suppose.
As I made my way back to the truck, I looked up at the old courthouse. They are working on getting rid of something in there. they had guys in space-looking suits with machines that looked like they were extracting old demons. Looked very “Ghostbusters” up there:
???????????????????????????????   ??????????????????????????????? SuRrEaL!
I took my donut half and went home enjoying the crescent moon before me that was getting lower and lower, it was setting at 9:30pm. At home there were pics of the moon to be taken:   ???????????????????????????????
I had to add the smiley face on that one! So maybe tomorrow
night again – but I’m smiling anyway because I think that streak was
the PanSTARR, I will never know, but I’m going to say that was it, and I’m going to say I threw the rest of my donut out for the raccoons, you can believe it or not…


About A.j.

old enough to know better - self taught artist whose specialty is wildlife photography and art published writer - love fishing - love exhibiting member - Florida Museum For Women Artists - OvationTv.com refined sugar addict

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