Purple Haze – A Sunset Worthy of Praise

Purple Haze haze all in my eyes
Don’t know if it’s day or night
You’ve got me blowin, blowin my mind
Is it tomorrow or just the end of time?   147ares_edited-1

WHOA, the sundown for February 1, 2013 left an impression! Way beyond Hendrix and Monet! The colors splashed against the blue of the sky as the sun gave her last spectrum of light and left the clouds to have center stage.
Now if you know Abbe, you know she wears purple tinted glasses and as I stood there I removed them to merge with the meshing of colors churning so hard above me to the west and north. It was something I had to take a seat for and let it unfold because sometimes you must listen to Mother Nature!   ???????????????????????????????
It began simply enough, in fact I thought about going to the marina, but the sun was sinking too fast and even that short 4 mile drive  would deprive me of light, so I watched the expanse of clouds gather above the lake into a jazz fest of contrasts, peach with blues, neon pink, purples and even sparks of yellow. I could feel it churn like a powerfully big kaleidoscope was set above and the hands on the turning head were being slowly manipulated into a stunner of eye candy.  The clouds morphed, building and building as they wrapped around the last of the light, you could almost witness the crescendo and then the light fade. Night’s curtain fell all about us as my cats and I walked inside. I hope those of you who saw it took photos from your vantage point. Here’s a look from mine, from beginning till the fire in the sky went slack — these are nights you hope others are watching too, you can’t make a sunset like this up!
??????????????????????????????? earlier I had noticed  the sky as I was driving, I felt like I was looking at it’s long spine.  Then came the fish scales far as I could see, the sky was casting a net.   ???????????????????????????????
It had turned a bit cloudy by 5pm, and about 20 minutes later I wandered out and watched the herons still working on the nest and the cats calmy walking along the seawall. There was nothing on Turtle Island, no gator for over a week. The sky brought out a peachy color at first and changed with each minute of settling light.
???????????????????????????????   ???????????????????????????????     ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????   ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? and the sun gave it’s all than shed her bright skin and dissolved into the soothing shroud of darkness…ahhh


About A.j.

old enough to know better - self taught artist whose specialty is wildlife photography and art published writer - love fishing - love exhibiting member - Florida Museum For Women Artists - OvationTv.com refined sugar addict

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