Nature in Winter – Sanford Artwalk

ZAP, the month is almost over before it began – I last wrote about herons coming to nest weeks ago, but they didn’t. They dismantled the nest, let it scatter upon the ground with it’s old remnants and left. That was until yesterday when a couple came, enjoyed the view and all day they took great pleasure in building a home of their own. Something fresh and new to rival their other heron neighbors. I will enjoy their stay! I feel so honored in having my property chosen once again.
064bres_edited-1re    111res
The moon both last night and tonight is swollen and quite peachy as it rose over the lake. I enjoyed the sight and the thought of rotation, ecliptic plane, a comforting constant cycle of things, a renewal  over and over! .
I went out and fished today under beautiful blue, 76degree temp. The lemon blossoms were so sweet and full of pungent perfume, it was a treat to be so near that wonderful smell. I planted the tree near lake a couple years ago and it has been wonderfully full of fruit for both years!
Wildlife has been busy. I think the cranes must be nesting as they are coming one at a time which usually means an egg or two is in the nest. Turtle island is always packed, but no gator sighting for past 3 days. An osprey circled and caught a large shiner and headed for a tree to enjoy the meal.  122a_editedres-1   The fish was still very much alive and struggled against the encircling claw. The bird would put the fish in front of the branch, then behind and finally about 10 minutes in, it did begin to eat morsels beginning at the head.  130ares_edited-1
The fish weren’t biting today, but the grackles were jumping lily pads looking for treats beneath, a few turtles popped up from the water alerting me to where their appetites were.  I try to be aware of their presence — I hate hooking them.
How can one not appreciate such a fine day? A sun that is not a beast, a mirror reflection on the lake showing the perfection of the blue sky and  birds busy in their cycles. Bees were humming around a blooming tree. I have never seen so many at one time charging past each other, not just honey bees, but wasps and yellow jackets and even butterflies. At one point I stood inches away from a bloom and could feel the reverberation of their buzz as they flew around me. I moved slow as to not disturb their intense missions and not to have a head full of stingers, I wish I had a hive, honey production should be at a peek this year in Florida if this is any indication. I miss what they call orange blossom honey as it does not taste like the good orange blossom of years past, I suppose they mix it with clover or another blossom. I love honey, wildflower and orange blossom my favorites, just don’t give me buckwheat – YUK! Watching how hard those bees were working was amazing.  I can’t even estimate how many were carrying their bee-loads of pollen from bloom to bloom.
The crows too were in abundance,  so many crows traveling tree to tree, cawing and cawing. The leaders would suddenly decide the rest period was up in one tree and  a ‘murder’ would follow all around the lake till another tree was decided upon and cramped with black bodies. One hopes to avoid their nasty droppings as they fly over my head!
138re   The night was gorgeous in it’s sunset and I even heard eagles fly past,  they were way too fast to get a good solid photo of!
048a   052re   061re

Yesterday was the artwalk for fourth Friday,  I began at marina since the moon was arriving early at 5pm.  171res_edited-1     220ares_edited-1   The marina had many people fishing, many taking moon pics and even saw one man casually peeing on a palm, hate when that happens.
Went over to Historic Sanford Center where they had a nice high school exhibition on the inside and a nice ensemble of young adults singing many trendy songs. There was a lot of potential future talent and there was also a good assortment of cookies, of course I had to sample before moving on to see Rae Marie and Alfredo. Rae Marie has brought out pieces she had had stashed away. Look at her, she looks like a 60’s girl in a minidress and she can carry it off. She and Alfredo have been riding their bikes with ease about 40 miles on a whim – it shows on Rae Marie’s ability to look like a teenager!  246  Framing 508 gallery on Palmetto
Looked at the empty building where Art Affair was, a ‘cocktail lounge’ is going in.  I stopped by the Twisted Vine, went inside, snapped a pic, but didn’t see owners. They are having so much fun with their karaoke which they do much later in evening, I’ll be long gone by then.
Gallery On First was having a wonderful exhibit by visiting artist Tres’ Taylor and daughter Lillis. They had constructed a little chapel among their artwork which was all done quite enchantingly like the title of their exhibit, “enCHANTment”.
Stopped to see Kevin and Debe Abbott and they were quite busy as they always are.
277a   One of the Governor’s associates was in on Friday and bought one of the Abbott’s paintings.
Julie Kessler was in her and sister, Judie Lee’s booth and it looked as lively and happy as always! 279  Check out the sister’s large selection for valentines day!
Mary K. was so busy I couldn’t even make eye contact to say hello. The place was packed! It pulled in a lot of people for this new exhibit.
On over to Hyder Gallery and the Hyders are busy getting their gallery looking good! I met their son who was visiting from Ecuador where he has moved with his family. He told me how it does take a bit of time to get used to the atmosphere. He said one plus of being up in the mountains is no bugs, I didn’t know that! 269   Card workshop at Hyder Gallery266 Hyder Gallery –
And as I was talking to Sharon and her assistant Janice, I saw Tom and Leon and was so very happy to talk with them, we all keep encouraging Tom to get his work out again, I miss his funky creations, they are always exciting!
Headed to Maya’s Bookstore and saw Yvette the owner who was occupied with new and expanding inventory. Her bookstore is a perfect example of how a bookstore should look. I heard this week some library is Texas might go all internet and kindle with no books, that sounded horrid, books are a life force of their own! Maya’s is always fun to explore! You need a specific book, ask Yvette or her assistants.  274 Maya’s Books & Music in Sanford
275Maya’s Books & Music

And back home again in about an hour and 1/2, I could still savor the full moon over my house as I pulled in. It’s a lovely balance to be able to enjoy art and nature every day. Look at your world with fresh eyes when you can – take time for yourself – recharge-
Enjoy the rest of the weekend, kiss a tree and thank it for purifying the air!


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