Herons Nesting, Feels like a wonderful Spring Day

???????????????????????????????  Remember to click on photos you would like to see enlarged

Happy New Year wasn’t only a general greeting, it seems to have been a happy wildlife year! I came out at 7:30am and to find herons on the old nests. They are a bit late! Usually they start in December, but I am always happy to find them decided to nest in my tree.

The male has been going back and forth between my yard and the neighbors two doors down where they also nest each year. They say herons build in colonies, I keep hoping that will happen around here, but usually I have two and the neighbor has one, better than none!

Turtle Island is groaning under the weight of many many cooters/sliders. I was wondering why there are no snapping turtles that I have noticed on the island for all I have watched. This morning it was beginning to build, (no gator) but I will check out later and add if I see him, so come back later and have a look.

Butterflies are plentiful, not monarchs, but lots of zebra longwings, swallowtails, white Peacocks and skippers.  I found a site where a woman tags her butterflies, mine don’t let me get that close, maybe monarchs are slower.

Enjoy the photos, hope that by next month I can report the prehistoric cries of the newly hatched babies! It’s going to be 80degrees here, perfect perfect weather though they predict a cold front making it’s way by tomorrow. The clouds are skipping by from the west really quickly, the morning moon was still out at 9:30am, it should rise after 10:43pm tonight, check out this site for times   – you just search for your area

Enjoy and open your eyes!
???????????????????????????????  morning moon teased by clouds
???????????????????????????????   ???????????????????????????????   ???????????????????????????????
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????   ??????????????????????????????? sandhill cranes
126b1res_edited-1 zebralongwing
173a_edited-2rest red passionflowers???????????????????????????????
???????????????????????????????   Just a few faces this morning – will add to it later – enjoy your day!


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