Ah, In The Presence Of Eagles 2012 Leaves As 2013 Arrives

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Ah, the end of another year. For some reason in Abbe’s head, she decided not to sleep last night and instead stayed up all night on her computer filing photos into their icons on the desktop. I finally fell asleep from 3:30 till 5pm, the sunset was beginning and I went outside to catch the last night of 2012.

The sunset was a pink/peach, some purple and blue and as I snapped away I heard it, the high, shrilll call of eagles. I was in the backyard by the lake and I could hear them from the somewhere in the front, I ran with camera thru the house yelling at my son to come and help me spot eagles. We could see them in the trees, switching from pine to pine, but with the light failing, they were hard to spot and not only that, I was holding a camera that could hardly focus and differentiate between the all the branches standing between the eagles and then the camera  ran out of battery. I  sent Adam running back home  with the Sony and had him grab the Canon.

We watched eagles winging from tree to tree, majestic dark outlines against dark limbs in a dimming sky. The trees were shielding what little light there was, I fired off a few shots as the eagles, (there were 3 youngsters) kept moving just as I would get a focus. – finally they flew across the street, and out of range and sight and that’s what 2012 did, it out flew me!  What a way to end the year in the presence of eagles!

I hoped in my truck to chase the late sunset that loomed over the Mayfair Golf course. I took a few shots and then got the low battery signal on the screen.  But that’s okay, it was a beautiful end to a year that didn’t sit still, I accomplished little, though I did take a lot of photos, too many that need to be sorted through and deleted and many worked. I used to think I was good at multi-tasking, not anymore, I want to do one thing at a time. I have not even asked for any gallery space for 2013 though I still have work up at Donuts To Go on First Street in front of the Sanford Hospital, In Dr. Caggiano’s waiting rooms in Lake Mary if you’re a patient, and at Twisted Vine in downtown Sanford. It’s all about time, time spent on coordination, time in setting up and preparation, I am  such  a vapor cloud, maybe this year I will bloat with gravity and settle down, then again, maybe not… But know I will bring you photos from my wildlife views, from my art and from local art venues and artists I happen upon – and below you will find sunsets and eagles and a end of the year views of what I have come across. (click on pictures for bigger views)

Appreciate your family and friends, think often of those you lost and embrace the living and the dead who have shaped your life. Learn to be tolerant, love the serenity of nature: sunrises, sunsets, clouds, sky, flora and fauna – be good to the environment, we are only here a short time, do the best you can, don’t be too hard on yourself.
Somehow 2012 seemed like the shortest year ever! Enjoy life, find love, peace and happiness, hug often!.
Lots of peace, love and health for the new year ahead! Abbe
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old enough to know better - self taught artist whose specialty is wildlife photography and art published writer - love fishing - love exhibiting member - Florida Museum For Women Artists - OvationTv.com refined sugar addict

One response to “Ah, In The Presence Of Eagles 2012 Leaves As 2013 Arrives

  1. Thank you my favorite vapor cloud, for sharing your world with us!

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