Fourth Friday Art Walk in Sanford and The Mesmerizing Full Moon

It’s Friday, wait it was just Christmas, soon it will be 2013, make it stop! The days at least have brought out a beautiful full moon the past couple nights – can’t resist the huge orb that delighted my eyes at 5:16pm on Thursday upon rising! The cats and I had been watching to the east, with one eye on the gator that was still vegging on Turtle island a couple acres away from us. I would glance at the sky, then at the gator, and finally the gator got up and moved as that sun began to dive and the cold proved too much for his huge, laboring, prehistoric form. It took time for him to extract that bulk from the mud and then get his long tail into the water and suddenly sink. All I could do is wonder where a gator that size sleeps – I know the oldest saying, “anywhere he wants to”.  It had to be stuffed into thick weeds, somewhere hunkered down to conserve heat – no way would it be out in the open exposed to the very cold night air. So the cats and I enjoyed the moon, while keeping one eye upon any movement within the water and also looking at the long expanse of bank.059a_editedres-3   ???????????????????????????????   ???????????????????????????????

Friday morning it was downtown to go pick up photos from Raphsodic Bakery – (if you ask me, I just put them up yesterday, but its been almost a month!) I sold one piece, a percentage going to Spay and Save as Raphsodic takes their split with the artists and lets you name which charity to give to. Katie gave me the ‘sweet’ of my choice, I got a double layer cookie sandwich stuffed with vanilla cream – Yes, this made Abbe very very happy.  ???????????????????????????????    On I continued with my sugar high to downtown. I planned on going to a few of the galleries starting at The Exhange, I wanted to see the Jai Gallery and see Edward Feldman’s new exhibit and what else was there. I parked, paid my dollar and crossed the narrow street to the building. And inside it was pretty dark, but very beautiful, and very quiet. There was not one gallery open at noon even though they say they open at 11am. So much for that idea, but I did like the building, and took a few pics. Though I don’t like the panhandlers who stood by the main door trying to get my attention.I ignored them and hurried on by –thought I might walked the few blocks over to Cityartsfactory till I looked down the street and saw others who had their cases too and knew I was not keen on being alone with a street of money hustlers, so I got into the truck and drove around and decided to go by Lake Eola. Parking was easy and cost about 35cents for about 17 minutes. The fountain and the band shell looked beautiful. There were a lot of people who seemed to enjoy the view. Some were tourists, probably people from the neighborhood and again, some sat with all their belongings with nothing to do and nowhere to go. I was only asked for a buck once at the lake, (I don’t even take a purse on the street.) Have a look at the downtown pictures. The Waverly is one of my favorites besides Arnold Palmer Hosp.
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Headed home and stopped to get a $19.95 oil changed which turned into a $200 venture when I added a fuel system flush and power steering exchange. My truck is 10 years old, it’s overdue. Money money money goes as fast as time! (believe me, I hope this truck lasts another 10+ years!)
Came home and looked for gator, nowhere to be seen today. But there were 3 kayakers out on the lake, one mother and son and two boys about 10-12. One was fishing near my side of water so I warned him of the gator and asked that he tell the other kayakers. The gator never did show it’s mug today.

Tonight was the fourth Friday of the month which is the art walk in Sanford. It seemed sad without The Art Affair! I decided to go about the time the moon was supposed to rise. They kept calling for rain, the skies were quite cloudy, and upon driving east at the marina, I didn’t see the moon and figured it was too cloudy.  I parked a few minutes later, there was the moon, rising about the trees, I spent ten minutes enjoying the climb
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The Historic Sanford Center was buzzing with their “animal theme” for the month. I recognized a few names and saw the cat painting by my friend, Dlynn Roll who is busy painting and painting and selling and selling!
Ran into two friends, GK and Jane and I tagged along to the Hyder Gallery and it was a crowded place, in fact as I recall, I didn’t get my ‘Sharon hug’ she was so busy! The walls and floor space are packed with art. This is a good space for them!
Alone, back out to street, made my way through the dinner crowd at the Willow Tree and over to Jeanine Taylor’s Gallery on First. It was busy too and love that Julie Kessler and her sister, Judie Lee are now within the gallery. Julie I have known for 4+ years and I am a big fan of her metal sculpture. And now she is also doing wood burning and also teaching it to adults and children. Her booth is so colorful and has a lot of energy.
Saw the Abbotts in their windowfront booth and I always enjoy seeing the new, innovative work that Kevin and Debe are doing. We usually chat and chat, (oh gee Abbe, like that’s news.)  Debe is a master at this small collages, she knows exactly where to place tiny pieces that look fantastic!
Cherie Dacko and her husband came in and I can’t get enough of her “Bent Realism”!
She’s has a fun spirit and a unique way of expressing it – she and Mary K. always have big, warm smiles and laughs like someone’s just told a good joke – love that!
I walked to Washburns, they had a good band outside the bar, not especially busy  at The Breezeway. Took a few pics here and there then back over to The Fat Mermaid, saw my two friends again, both were enjoying homemade guacamole and fresh chips and some pretty drinks. Took off, saw Dlynn and said I was going to take a pic of her cat painting, then ran into another friend and saw The Walkers with their crowd standing outside their Twisted Vine bar and chatted a bit with them and looked at the moon which was gone, completely covered by gray sky. Forgot to get Dlynn’s cat painting in – but maybe later next week.
It’s a brand New Year in a couple days, please have a wonderful, happy and healthy and productive 2013 – spread the love, spread peace – don’t make resolutions, just change one little thing! And do something that makes your heart sing!
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???????????????????????????????  Sing in the New Year with a happy heart!


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One response to “Fourth Friday Art Walk in Sanford and The Mesmerizing Full Moon

  1. Loved that you keep us up on the art scene in Sanford. Cool stuff here and a lot I haven’t seen. Guess that means a trip soon.

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