Sanford Shuffle On Saturday

In light of the profound sadness and tragedy on Friday,  I found I needed to get away from the television and go see some of my friends who are always good for being uplifting.
It’s been a very gloomy week, the sun hiding for most of it, periods of long, beautiful fogs that only reveal gray skies.

Finally Saturday the fog lifted and revealed the sun and blue skies, clouds and warmth. A good day to check out the Sanford Farmer’s Market. Surprising, there weren’t many people downtown around noon, but weather was in 60’s and the sun really warmed the old bones.
I wandered around the booths and immediately was drawn to an artist after my own heart, Susan Lindsey Marvin makes art based on her granddaughters. I know that angle well! She has a fairy tale book and says she loves sitting with her grandchildren and making up story after story. her link is – we chatted and then I moved on past glassware, jewelry, bubbles, kettle corn, orchids and honey and found my friend Radha who was selling her bohemian clothing, Gypsy’s Lair Caravan. She is a wonderful spirit, great energy, beautiful aura, and a heart full of love and kindness. It becomes even more important to embrace such dear souls who come into our lives.

On over to the new Hyder Gallery where I saw Sharon busy as always. I really liked this new spot in Magnolia Square, lots of high, brick wall space, great flooring, and interesting art that is being put into place. Sharon always has a smile and welcoming arms to hug you with!
On to Jeanine Taylors which always is fun, many X-mas goodies to buy and always enjoy chatting with the Abbotts.
Ronda’s Art Affair looked great, she’s always busy, never slows down, I always enjoy my chats with such an accomplished artist.
On over to Framing 508 Gallery and Rae Marie, the soft and wonderful voice always full of encouragement, always creating. She has a line of beautiful ornaments that are so reasonable and perfect for any tree, very delicate and all hand made. I will show them below –
The Historic Center will have new art for their January themed exhibit. Went in and out of antique stores, also Maya’s Book Store which I always enjoy for the feel of it. A bookstore you can’t help but want to slow the pace while searching for good reads. Speaking of which, in the mail I received a copy of Craig Yoe’s, “The Great Anti-War Cartoons” which came yesterday. Craig is a noted Eisner Award winning cartoonist also from Akron and went to the same high school . He succeeded quite well with his decades of intense love of comics and art and the fusion to historically document both! This book looks into the many many years of amazing minds of cartoonists/painters and their slant on war. Check out the many titles Craig has,

Have a great week and hug those you love a little longer, the world today has become a bit crazy, violent, gun crazed with enough unstable ‘mutants’ to carry out their sick missions –
It seems our culture and media are consumed by the worst in society so buck the system,
find the ‘good’ in the corners, blow off the cobwebs and embrace it – Have a look at the pictures around my little town of Sanford Florida. AND my gator in the back yard lake has surfaced today, I think the cold and fog had kept him hidden most of the week. Today he came to Turtle Island to sun, I even saw him swim away around 5:15, but he ducked under and disappeared. Today, (Sunday) it will be even warmer so he will be there, until someone complains and they come and ‘harvest’ him, kill him for his skin, I look forward to his charming, reptilian scales gracing the island,–ah nature, so much simpler than the complexity of ‘man’.
S   S

144re   Gotta love how Sanford caters to meals and drinks with your dogs!





177re   179 copy




195r_edited-1   194 copy   192 copy   191 copy




kira&hendrix-1_edited-6res copy  a grandmother’s view of ‘what if’!

Have fun with your new week!


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old enough to know better - self taught artist whose specialty is wildlife photography and art published writer - love fishing - love exhibiting member - Florida Museum For Women Artists - refined sugar addict

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