Lovely Monday Morning Fog In Sanford Florida

This is my first blog on – I had to create a new blog as my photos were cut off due to lack of storage. So here we begin afresh with a new day and the beautiful fog that began around 7am, got progressively thicker till I couldn’t see the mile across the lake by 8:30am! So I took my camera and started walking to golf course to take a few photos, then I heard heavy meowing behind me. My new young cat, ‘Trinket’ decided to start following me and was lost in the mist. I scooped her up and walked back to the house so she could go in.
I grabbed the car keys and went to the marina through an enveloping fog. Moisture dripping on windows, a thick mist clinging to everything.  Once there I began stopping and parking and working my ‘pictoral’ way down the road. It was of course rather magical and felt cool and clammy. There were a lot of fishing people who didn’t seem to be catching anything, nothing in the cast nets either – only the fine mist.
The walkers were going at a brisk pace while many were on their phones chatting.  They always smile and say hi or good morning. Everyone loves the beginning of a new day, “the first day for the rest of your life,” the saying used to go.
So here’s the view from marina.  I will be making a new website too – Enjoy, now let me go down and see if the gator is back on the island….yep, he sure is, learn more from yesterday’s  blog at  — email any questions to  in subject write BLOG in all caps please

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105a   110a_edited-1 gotta love the guys purple and pink gloves!   113res_edited-1res   119res

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About A.j.

old enough to know better - self taught artist whose specialty is wildlife photography and art published writer - love fishing - love exhibiting member - Florida Museum For Women Artists - refined sugar addict

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